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JUL 2018

ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING is the magazine devoted to industrial applications of 3D printing and digital layering technology. We cover the promise and the challenges of this technology for making functional tooling and end-use production parts.

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JULY 2018 Additive Manufacturing IMTS 2018 ON DISPLAY 44 Hybrid Machine Fuses Laser Sintering with Milling Matsuura's Lumex Avance-25 metal laser sintering hybrid milling machine fuses laser sintering with high-speed milling technology. Using 3D data for digital engineering, the machine serves the precision mold and die market. Complex geometries can be fabricated in one piece, shortening lead times and reducing manufacturing costs. Internal geometry can also be incorporated into molds, such as 3D cooling channels that increase cooling efficiency and enable high-cycle injection molding. Matsuura Machinery USA Inc. | South, Level 3, Booth 338148 Medium-Format Metal AM Machine Reduces Downtime Trumpf Inc.'s TruPrint 3000 is a medium-format additive manufacturing machine geared toward the large-scale production of complex metal parts. The machine can make parts from a variety of weldable materials including steel, nickel-based alloys, titanium and aluminum. The machine uses laser metal fusion (LMF) technology and processes parts measuring as large as 300 mm in diameter and 400 mm tall. The la- ser's beam diameter measures between 100 and 500 microns. The system supports preheat temperatures ranging to 200°C. The TruPrint 3000 features exchangeable build and powder supply cylinders to enable quick change-over and reduce downtime to as little as 30 min. between build jobs, the company says. The exchangeable cylinders save operators time by enabling them to prepare a new set of supply chambers or unpack a finished build outside of the machine in a separate unpacking station. The system is equipped with two 75-L supply cylinders that contain enough powder to complete an entire manufacturing process. Trumpf Inc. | North, Level 3, Booth 236217 Hopper Provides Batch-to-Batch Powder Management for 3D Printing The PowderTrace hopper, from Renishaw and LPW Technology, is an external powder silo option for the RenAM 500 series of metal powder-based additive man- ufacturing systems. It provides batch-to-batch powder management for those shops with methods that preclude the use of automated powder handling systems. The hopper, designed exclusively for AM metal powders, is suitable for users who require batch control on the RenAM platform. It has a capacity of 120 L and features the PowderEye monitoring system. Renishaw Inc. | West, Level 3, Booth 431607

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