Additive Manufacturing

JUL 2018

ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING is the magazine devoted to industrial applications of 3D printing and digital layering technology. We cover the promise and the challenges of this technology for making functional tooling and end-use production parts.

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JULY 2018 Additive Manufacturing IMTS 2018 ON DISPLAY 48 Selective Laser Melting System Improves Efficiency, Powder Handling DMG MORI's Lasertec 30 selective laser melting (SLM) system enables the use of different metal powders, while an intelligent powder module concept speeds up changes of material. A closed powder circuit contributes to work safety and process autonomy, while an integrated powder recycling center with removable units improves efficiency and powder handling. The machine's ergonomic design simplifies workpiece handling and maintenance, while the new Stealth Design control panel keeps all important buttons and operating elements in direct view. Holistic software solutions from the CAD file with RDesigner to the ROperator process control enable the SLM system to produce parts from various materials with high density and good mechanical properties, including those with lattice and honeycomb structures. DMG MORI | South, Level 3, Booth 338900 Measuring Equipment Detects 3D Printing Defects Zeiss's optical 3D scanners, CT scanners, high-resolution X-ray microscopes and coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) detect 3D printing defects and downstream pro- cessing problems. The company's CT scanners enable users to check the interior structure of components and identify defects or dimensional errors. Optical and X-ray systems can be used to inspect outer and interior surfaces. The company's measuring equipment and scanners enable users to compare measurement data across all manufacturing steps. The equipment is meant to help com- panies quickly determine if downstream processes, such as heat treatment and removal of components from the build plate, affect a part's final dimensional characteristics. Zeiss Industrial Metrology | East, Level 3, Booth 135502 Finishing Services Enable Submicron Processing Finish3D is a line of finishing services for 3D-printed parts offered by Extrude Hone. Services include Abrasive Flow machining (AFM), rapid Coolpulse technology, and micromachining process (MMP) technology. Because of this combination of process- es, the line enables surface finishing down to the submicron level (Ra <1 microinch or 0.025 micron) at a cycle time suitable for high volumes. The process can be simulated up front, improving quality and cost-effectiveness. Appropriate for aluminum, stainless steel, Inconel, titanium and other materials, AFM and Coolpulse can address a range of geometries. AFM is well-suited to internal finishing of intricate passages, for instance. Extr ude Hone LLC | North, Level 3, Booth 237108

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