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NOV 2018

ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING is the magazine devoted to industrial applications of 3D printing and digital layering technology. We cover the promise and the challenges of this technology for making functional tooling and end-use production parts.

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SUPPLIER SHOWCASE 3 GE Additive is a world leader and pioneer in additive technology. As a result of being part of GE, a company with 20 years of experience in additive design and manufacturing, we know firsthand how this technology can help transform businesses by improving products and manufacturing operations, as well as the potential to open up entirely new business models. There's never been a better time to explore the power and potential of additive technology. With GE Addi- tive's AddWorks team at your side, you can begin your additive journey right now. AddWorks is a talented team of design, engineering and material consultants who are uniquely qualified to help you use additive technology to transform, innovate and future-proof your business. We have partnered with a range of industries— from aerospace to energy, automotive to healthcare—and will apply hands-on ad- ditive experience to help you overcome business challenges, improve operational efficiencies, and find new ways to design and manufacture. Our consultants work with you to explore product solutions that help differenti- ate your parts or systems and provide significant performance benefits. We help to create solutions that are lighter, stronger and more efficient. P R O D U C T S / S E R V I C E S AddWorks GE Additive Discovery Workshop In this three- to five-day on-site session, the AddWorks team shares additive knowledge with your team, using proprietary tools and processes to identify and prioritize additive opportunities. Disruptive Design Work with the AddWorks team for additive design, engineering and materials assistance, with access to GE design examples. Gain quicker turnaround time on parts design vs. in-house creation. Materials Development AddWorks materials experts provide assistance on materials selection from GE Additive's catalog, along with developing parameters and testing protocols to achieve desired material properties. The cycle time to achieve a new alloy's printability is demonstrably reduced. Prototypes/Printing Parts AddWorks prints additive-designed parts and helps determine and execute postprocessing steps to achieve your result. This determines feasibility before making a capital investment and provides a bridge to support initial production while you set up your additive supply chain. Production Process Development The AddWorks team can help structure your manufacturing process to achieve increased productivity, including technical requirements, materials, build strategies and postprocessing. Gain the right build for a lower cost and reduce manufacturing losses. Part and Machine Qualification AddWorks helps you set up the production process to achieve ongoing part repeatability and quality confirming that printed parts meet your product and industry- specific requirements. Our experience helps reduce trial and error costs while identifying and mitigating risks.

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