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AUG 2017

ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING is the magazine devoted to industrial applications of 3D printing and digital layering technology. We cover the promise and the challenges of this technology for making functional tooling and end-use production parts.

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C A LENDA R AUGUST 2017 Additive Manufacturing 26 showing a hybrid machine that combines both additive and subtractive capability. This is in line with the growing presence of hybrid machines at last year's IMTS and other industry trade shows. Subsequently, there will likely be more traditional companies showing their equipment at 3D printing shows, and of course more 3D printing technologies coming to metal- working shows. A distributor also had a stand-alone booth that showed integration of many technologies, including additive manufac- turing equipment. Additionally, it was the first public showing for Arcam and Concept Laser since their acquisitions by GE Additive. With GE recently opening its Center for Additive Technology Advance- ment near Pittsburgh, this could be another hint that the "Steel City" is becoming more like "Additive Manufacturing City." Inroads for Industrial Use On the show floor itself, I talked to numerous show attend- ees who had teams at Rapid to evaluate the technology and especially seek out emerging companies that could make a difference in their manufacturing operations. The message that I consistently heard was that the 3D printing technologies are maturing—there are more materials qualified, more stable and predictable equipment performance, decreasing costs of opera- tions and much better interfaces to adjacent processes (such as software, scanning, inspection and heat treatment). It is clear that 3D printing remains a dynamic frontier in the world of industrial manufacturing. With more growth in materials and processes, and more companies looking for ways to leverage this dynamic technology, you can count on this market to continue its rapid expansion for years to come. For a complete list of conferences and events, visit As Technology Advances, AM Matures Continued from page 21 D17 Distribution Summit September 13-14 Ritz-Carlton St. Louis, Missouri Global Forecasting & Marketing Conference October 11-13 Marriott Marquis Downtown Atlanta, Georgia Fraud Alert: Email Scams Aren't as Obvious as You Might Think Continued from page 22 been referred to as the "Bogus Invoice Scheme," "Supplier Swindle" and "Invoice Modification Scheme." Scenario 2: Business Executive Receiving or Initiating a Request for a Wire Transfer The email accounts of high-level business executives (CFO, CEO, etc.) are compromised. The account may be spoofed or hacked. A request for a wire transfer from the compromised account is made to a second employee within the company who is typically responsible for processing these requests. In some instances, a request for a wire transfer from the compro- mised account is sent directly to the financial institution with instructions to urgently send funds to bank "X" for reason "Y." This particular scenario has been referred to as "CEO Fraud," "Business Executive Scam," "Masquerading" and "Financial Industry Wire Frauds." Scenario 3: Business Contacts Receiving Fraudulent Correspondence through Compromised Email An employee of a business has his or her personal email hacked. This personal email may be used for both personal and business communications. Requests for invoice payments to fraudster-controlled bank accounts are sent from this employ- ee's personal email to multiple vendors identified from this employee's contact list. The business may not become aware of the fraudulent requests until that business is contacted by a vendor to follow up on the status of an invoice payment. We believe it is important that the word gets out so that our members are aware and are taking steps to protect themselves and their businesses. An FBI Public Service An- nouncement can be found at The page also includes a section on Suggestions For Protection, which includes a list of self-protection strate- gies. We encourage you to read the entire FBI Public Service Announcement and make your employees, suppliers and customers aware of these scams and to start taking the steps for protection.

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