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MAR 2018

ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING is the magazine devoted to industrial applications of 3D printing and digital layering technology. We cover the promise and the challenges of this technology for making functional tooling and end-use production parts.

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MARCH 2018 Additive Manufacturing RAPID 2018 ON DISPLAY 48 Postprocessing Techniques Improve Powder Handling Bel Air Finishing Supply, Booth 102 Bel Air has partnered with HP and end users to develop postprocessing techniques to eliminate a prevalent bot- tleneck in the production operation: handling the powdery build material. The company offers integral system com- ponents that can automatically remove excess material, render clean, smooth parts, and dye the parts, all within the same system. Integral system components can be added, moved or rearranged to go along with the changing pace of production departments. Bel Air acts as a postprocessing service provider, in ad- dition to building, selling and installing equipment, as well as training personnel for in-house processing. 3D-Printed Sand Enables Complex Castings Hoosier Pattern Inc., Booth 724 Hoosier Pattern's two in-house sand 3D printers are suited for helping foundries produce castings, as well as low-volume production and prototyping in a range of industries. 3D-printed sand can shorten lead times and save time and money. The sand is printed from a CAD file, en- abling design freedom. The company says it can design and print geo- metrically complex parts, bypassing fabrication to create cores or molds typical of conventional casting meth- ods. Design flexibilty and the ability to scale production volumes speeds delivery, according to the company. Water-Soluble Support Material Offers High Stiffness Kuraray America Inc., Booth 212 Kuraray presents a new PVOH- based biodegradable, water-soluble support material called Mowiflex. The material enables printing complex structures in a one-piece, high- quality printer op- eration, the company says. In contrast to other PVOH-based support materials, Mowiflex is said to combine cold water solubility with high stiffness and low moisture absorption. After printing, the support structures can be easily dissolved in water and conveniently disposed of, due to the material's biodegrad- able nature. Mowiflex enables faster dissolving and better adhesion to various materials including PLA, PA, PVB and TPU, Kuraray says.

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