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MAR 2018

ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING is the magazine devoted to industrial applications of 3D printing and digital layering technology. We cover the promise and the challenges of this technology for making functional tooling and end-use production parts.

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RAPID 2018 / On Display 49 Scanner Arm Scans 600,000 Points Per Second Faro Technologies Inc., Booth 1618 Faro introduces the Design ScanArm 2.0, designed to address the challenges and requirements of product design and engineering professionals. The scanner delivers as much as 25 percent improved system accuracy compared to the previous gener- ation, according to the company. A FaroBlu Laser Line Probe HD with blue laser technology is said to scan as many as 600,000 points per second for enhanced productivity. The scanner is available in three maneuver- able arm lengths (2.5, 3.5 and 4 m). Dual, hot swappable batteries that enable continuous operation without external power are also avail- able, so users can bring the scanner to the project rather than bringing the project to the scanner. Enhanced ergonomics and a 25 percent overall weight reduction reduce operator fatigue and increase productivi- ty by facilitating continuous use over extended periods. A kinematic, intelligent probe system for contact measurement also enhances efficiency. A tool-less quick release for fast connecting and disconnecting enables users to change from contact to non-contact projects with- out switching or recalibrating probes. Metal Deposition System Enables Closed-Loop Operation Formalloy, Booth 244 3D Printer's Rail System Quickly Exchanges Build Plates Farsoon Technologies, Booth 1904 Farsoon Technologies' FS421M continuous additive man- ufacturing system (CAMS) is designed to be an entrant into continuous AM metal production, enabling freedom of operation, open material choices and open platform configurations including lifetime software and parameter set updates. The system features a build volume of 16.5" × 16.5" × 16.5" (420 × 420 × 420 mm), multi-laser options, a digital optical scanning system and dynamic beam focusing capability. Its internal rail system quickly exchanges build plates and cylinders, increasing production speed. The closed-loop powder handling system controls the handling, cleaning and recycling of parts and materials in an inert environment, enhancing the safe operation of metal alloys. The air filtration system safely processes reactive and non-reactive materials with auto-cleaning capabilities for extended use between filter changes. Formalloy launches its X-series laser metal deposition system, featuring options including closed-loop control, variable-wavelength lasers and Formfeed powder feeders for gradient/bi-metallic structures. The X series offers improved quality, better powder efficiency and the ability to print with a range of metal alloys, the company says. Each machine features the Formax metal deposition head and customizable build volume with as many as five axes of motion. According to Formalloy, the X-series utilizes scanning technology to monitor build quality and accuracy in real time, and then auto-corrects errors to achieve a part that is free of defects. The Formax head offers high powder ef- ficiency and has built in quick-release features for ease of maintenance and component swaps. The X-series is said to offer a cost-effective solution for metal part production, repair and cladding to a diverse set of industries.

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