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MAR 2018

ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING is the magazine devoted to industrial applications of 3D printing and digital layering technology. We cover the promise and the challenges of this technology for making functional tooling and end-use production parts.

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MARCH 2018 Additive Manufacturing RAPID 2018 ON DISPLAY 56 Four-Laser 3D Printer Increases Productivity Renishaw Inc., Booth 718 Postprocessing Software Supports Digital Thread PostProcess Technologies Inc., Booth 631 PostProcess Technologies' Automat3D postprocessing software platform, powered by "agitation algorithms," incorporates specially engineered hardware and chemistry for additive manufacturing processes and materials. The new release accommodates Direct Digital Thread for smart manufacturing. The software analyzes support and build structures for intelligent adaptation of the post-printing recipe to optimize support removal and surface finishing. According to the company, these features can increase throughput and reduce cycle time for consistent, custom- er-ready final parts, advancing AM operations by supporting scalability and the market drive toward mass customization. Renishaw has launched the RenAM 500Q additive manufacturing system. Featuring four 500-W lasers, the compact machine is designed to improve produc- tivity in a commonly used platform size to bring additive manufacturing to a wider range of industries. According to the company, it can speed processes by as much as four times, increasing productivity and reducing cost per part. The machine features an optical system and control software. Laser beams enter the system via four channels, where they are dynamically focused and directed into a single, thermally controlled galvanometer mounting. The galvo mounting houses four pairs of digitally con- trolled guided mirrors, which can guide the lasers to cover the entire working area of the powder bed. It also incorporates internal conformal cooling channels to maintain thermal stability. A stable process environment manages the additional process emissions caused by multiple lasers. An inert gas recirculation system including a cyclone pre-filter and gas intercooler is said to preserve filter life and provide consistent, clean processing conditions throughout the build. The system works with the company's InfiniAM Spectral software, which helps users capture, eval- uate and store process data from laser powder-bed fusion technologies. It also enables presentation and analysis of the data. The software streams data across a conventional computer network on a layer-by-layer basis, enabling real-time analysis. As the build progresses, the data is rendered live and in 3D to help identify and correct anomalies and store product quality data.

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